Meet The Staff

Matthew Hind
‘Cue Guru and Level 4 Brisket Captain

IMG_0159Born and raised in West Texas, I was surrounded by good barbecue from an early age.  I have always had a love for cooking and enjoy exploring and perfecting good recipes.  This has allowed me to sample various styles and techniques and to refine my taste for the perfect barbecue.  I believe that great barbecue is an art, and that what separates the good from the great is an understanding of the value in keeping it simple and not rushing.  We use simple, carefully selected spices in our sauces and rubs to allow the flavor and character of our meats to stand out.  By slow smoking our meats over select hardwoods, we maintain this same principle of simplicity and taking our time.

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Shayne Rogers
Smokologist and Pork Commodore

IMG_0329My passion and love for BBQ comes from the basic passion and love from food. I am continually looking and thinking of the next best meal. Being a self-taught cook and pit-master has allowed me to be bold and daring in trying new things. Building our own Ugly Drums and BBQ Pits allows me to know our cookers inside and out. I love the art of BBQ. The little nuances of the way a certain piece of meat reacts to the fire and smoke. That is BBQ at its best I think. Meat. Fire. Smoke. That’s the big secret of BBQ.

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Steven Roy
Frontman and Flavor Enforcer

IMG_0613A transplant from the New Hampshire, I have always loved being around people.  Being the Frontman for HogFathers has allowed me to enjoy my passion for meeting new people while introducing them to some great barbecue.  Even though I was not as familiar with all the techniques of smoking and all that goes into the rubs and sauces, I have always enjoyed cooking and experiencing new dishes.  Working with my two friends has certainly been an adventure.

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