Number One Thing A Bride Should Remember For Her Wedding Day!

bride-0061. Get Your Beauty Sleep

This might go without saying, but you want to look your absolute best on your wedding day. So that means having your bachelorette party AT LEAST a week before your wedding (I recommend having it a month or two beforehand just to be extra safe. Those hangovers can be crazy!). That also means curtailing the drinking/fun at your rehearsal dinner as well. Trust me, you’ll WANT to go out and celebrate with all the friends and family that will be in town for your wedding the night before, but resist the urge and do your best to be in bed by 11. You’ll most likely be too nervous to go to sleep right away, but use that time to do something by yourself, like read a book or watch a rom-com to relax. Funny side note: Runaway Bride was on the night before my wedding, which seemed hilariously wrong to me at the time.

And After That..  Be Sure To do The Following Things:

2. Eat Breakfast AND Lunch!

Depending on the time of your wedding, you’ll want to make sure you have at least two full/balanced meals in you before the wedding starts. So go ahead and make/order a good breakfast and have a lunch that has some carbs in it. You’ll also want to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Save the champagne for 30 minutes or less before the wedding starts if you want to have a toast with your bridesmaids. That way you won’t be tired and/or dehydrated when you say your vows! Also, make sure your groom and wedding party does the same! Nobody wants a drunk/hungry groom or maid of honor.

3. Give Yourself Time

The last thing you want to be doing the morning/afternoon of your wedding is rushing around like a crazy person (and trust me, it will most likely happen regardless). Do yourself a favor and give yourself plenty of time/padding between your hair/makeup appointments, photos, and ceremony start time to allow for anything that might come up. Print out schedules for the wedding party (and your groom) as well as family so everybody knows where they have to be and when. Also, give yourself time in the morning to just be by yourself before the madness begins. Take an extra long shower or bath, and take some time to pamper yourself mentally/physically before it all starts. You’ll thank yourself later!

4. Do As Much as You Can BEFORE the Big Day

Yes, this might sound obvious and stupid, but really take a minute to think about the little things you can do in the days or even night before your wedding that will make your wedding day easier. For example, don’t get your nails done the day of…get them done 1-2 days beforehand. Same goes for any beauty treatments (not only to save you time but to alleviate the risk of any allergic reactions during a facial or massage or scrub). Get your purse ready the night before and make sure you have a bag with all your essentials ready to take with you to your venue (such as comfortable flats for when your shoes are killing you at the end of the night, or toiletry essentials like deodorant and tampons). You’ll also want to make sure you confirm all existing appointments a few days before the wedding, such as any ceremony musicians you’ve hired or your hair/makeup artist. Send them an email/text or friendly voice-message just reminding them of their scheduled arrival time and that you’re looking forward to seeing them, and for them to call you with any questions.

5. Delegate

I like to do most things by myself, but this can get overwhelming(especially on your wedding day). Hopefully you’ve gone ahead and hired at least a day-of wedding coordinator (which I HIGHLY recommend), but if you haven’t I would delegate certain things you need done but might not have time to do to your wedding party.

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10 Things Every Bride Should Remember for Her Wedding Day