We Need Your Help

We Need Your Help!
Our mission is to help you be successful on your special day
So we have started a Blog To answer questions that you want answers to.
At some of the Bridal Fairs we went to this year, we were asked several questions from Brides-To-Be about the catering business.  We hope we answered all of them to your satisfaction.
But because of the crowds around our booth, we did not get to all of the participants at these Bridal Fairs.  We didn’t think that was fair so we are asking for your help.
We would like for you to submit your questions to our new blog so we can answer them there and everyone will be able to see our answers.  Good idea, huh?
SO, what are your biggest problems now?
What is holding you back?
There will be hundreds of questions to answer from members so..
Ask your questions in the comment section.  We will answer them there or we will make a new post with further information.
Thank you so much,

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